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The SAVE vision is focused on creating a network of networks designed to globally connect potential or developing global destinations to sustainable travel markets. As outside travel of the standard leisure market grows exponentially year after year, it is important that those with the desire to travel can access exciting opportunities at destinations as they become available.

The SAVE Travel Alliance aims to cumulate the vast number of travel providers, educational institutions, research organizations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations interested in scientific, academic, volunteer and educational travel in order to match travel markets with destination development needs. The result is a streamlined process that benefits organizations, destinations, and travelers. Membership with SAVE will also open up a wealth of knowledge for your use from some of the leading institutions involved in the travel and tourism industry.

The SAVE Travel Alliance provides best practice, travel logistics, and destination case studies that will help you improve your travel experience or unearth a special opportunity.

For Destinations

Travelers from the connected markets of SAVE can bring increased economic impact to your destination as well as new international exposure to your area. SAVE travelers are an ideal source of growth for large and small destinations alike. While development of the mass tourism market often requires heavy infrastructure and results in low economic linkages to the area, SAVE travelers have many qualities that make them optimal choices for tourism growth:

√ They require less sophisticated facilities than the typical leisure traveler market
√ They enjoy extended stays at the destination
√ They engage the local population and the private sector
√ They contribute to the improvement of the area

For Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are the heart of SAVE Travel. Because of their unique mission of education and public service, they supply many of the travelers that participate in the SAVE Travel Market. SAVE Travel helps groups such as cultural organizations, hobby clubs, church groups, and many others to discover experiences to learn and grow through travel. Nonprofit organizations are also responsible for many of the available travel opportunities because they are frequently the groups closest to the people, places, and activities that benefit from SAVE travelers. SAVE Travel is a means for these organizations to reach out to a variety of markets around the world and find new support.

For Educational Institutions

From new research projects to study abroad programs, SAVE Travel provides access to exciting opportunities for your students, staff, and faculty. In an increasingly globalized world, curricula are stressing the importance of a globalized education. Study abroad programs, intensive foreign language training, staff development, technical consulting projects and thesis research are all opportunities for your institution to extend its global reach. Many destinations have unique opportunities for research and study but are lacking a means to inform students and faculty of what possibilities are available. The SAVE Travel Alliance’s specialized network of networks allows your institution to uncover opportunities by connecting your unique needs with the vibrant resources of your destination partners.

For Tour Operators

Demand is increasing for meaningful travel, and travelers are looking to tour operators to help them make the most of their experiences. The SAVE Travel Alliance can place your business at this exciting cross-roads, increasing your business’ visibility while developing your host destination. The tourism industry continues to grow exponentially year after year. Growing in tandem with the luxury and business travel markets are a set of travelers focused on sustainable and meaningful activities. Because travelers often need assistance with logistics, tour operators play a crucial role in developing a destination’s SAVE market. The SAVE Travel Alliance identifies local tour operators to assist with the travelers’ onsite needs as well as tour operators who are interested in facilitating SAVE experiences.

For Individual Travelers

Whether you’re a volunteer, eco-tourist, ecologist or anything in between, the SAVE Travel Alliance can help you uncover the perfect travel experience that fits your needs. When you join SAVE Travel Alliance, we will create a travel profile that depicts your travel preferences, interests, and availability. Our network frequently uncovers new travel opportunities around the world and, when one matches your profile, we will personally inform you. It is important to note that the Scientific, Academic, Volunteer, and Educational travel markets cater to the type of individual that desires something more than a vacation.

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