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SAVE Travel Alliance Management

Dr. Lamoureux is an associate dean and a clinical associate professor at NYU’s Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism.

Dr. Hawkins is the founder of the SAVE Travel Alliance and serves as the Eisenhower Professor of Tourism Policy at The George Washington University

Marisa Mansueto works as a Program Associate with Solimar International and contributes to projects for Myanmar as well as Tequila and Campeche, Mexico.

Mr. Luna-Kelser is a tourism specialist and Senior Research Scholar of Tourism at The George Washington University.

Chris Seek has over a decade of leadership in the tourism development world, consulting for governments and private sector enterprises.

Natalie Sellier has over a decade in the financial services sector, specializing in tourism, government contracting and organization financial management.

Gabriel Seder is a tourism specialist with expertise in private enterprise marketing.

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