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What is SAVE Travel?


The SAVE Alliance is a 501(C)3 global non-profit network of networks that facilitates connections between potential or developing tourism destinations and SAVE markets. In 2003, a group of students from The George Washington University (GWU) traveled to Honduras as part of a consulting class designed to present the Honduras Institute of Tourism (HIT) with a strategy to increase visitation to the North Coast. The result was the launch of the SAVE Travel Alliance, in partnership with entities such as National Geographic, Counterpart International, GWU and HIT.

How it Works

SAVE is a tourism concept, adopting an approach that integrates the market demand and untapped supply of four specific niche markets: Scientific, Academic, Volunteer, and Education. In developing destinations, SAVE Centers serve as a resource connecting local businesses, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations with the necessary funding, market exposure, and customer supply.

SAVE Today

The SAVE Travel Alliance, managed by Solimar International, continues to create partnerships and expand its capabilities in order to facilitate sustainable economic development through meaningful travel experiences.


Scientific Travel

Scientific travel is essential to expanding support and knowledge in destinations that are in need of additional assistance outside their communities. Travelers looking to impact communities with their scientific expertise will not be disappointed with variety of experiences facilitated by SAVE.

√ Ecological Study
√ Marine Observation
√ Anthropological Research
√ Archaeological Expeditions


Academic Travel

Knowledge gained and experiences acquired while participating in academic travel will undoubtedly influence students and remain with them forever. SAVE travel supplies students of all academic backgrounds with experiences to not only learn from global institutions but immerse themselves in a new culture and way of life.

√ Study abroad
√ Thesis Research
√ Scholarships
√ Graduate Work


Volunteer Travel

Volunteer travel is a rewarding way for travelers to have a direct influence on global destinations. Volunteers wanting to contribute their services and make a positive impact on communities in need can choose from a wide range of SAVE volunteer travel experiences.

√ English Teaching
√ World Heritage Site Preservation
√ Ecological Clean-Up
√ Administrative Support


Educational Travel

Education doesn’t have to stop when a student finishes school. Have you always wanted to learn how to make a hammock or cook a country’s traditional dish? SAVE travel implements travel experiences for any person wishing to attain new information or a unique skillset.

√ Craft Workshops
√ Language Immersion Classes
√ Cooking Tours
√ Art Lessons

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