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The SAVE Travel Alliance Blog is a space for travelers seeking in-depth, informative posts to enhance knowledge about SAVE travel destinations, advice, and projects. These blog posts are a testament to the positive impacts of responsible and sustainable travel through SAVE organizations and destinations. Read on to learn about what makes SAVE travel experiences unforgettable.

Making Memories Through Educational Travel

Educational travelers believe that the world is a classroom. Every new activity is packed with chances to learn and grow through real-world experiences and exploring new destinations.

Academic Travel is Invaluable; Here’s Why!

Academic travelers are students and faculty in higher education who participate in travel experiences to gain knowledge and immerse themselves fully in a new culture.

The Importance of Scientific Travel

What is scientific travel and why do we need it? Read on to discover why these meaningful experiences are crucial to responsible tourism!

Welcome to the SAVE Travel Alliance!

Welcome to the SAVE Travel Blog! This is a space for those interested in sustainable travel to explore, acquire tips and become educated on SAVE’s global destination centers.

Why SAVE Campeche?

Why choose SAVE Campeche? Campeche is a gorgeous SAVE destination that offers a vast array of culture through wildlife, scientific research, arts, food, and Mayan influence.

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