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Our world is large, fascinating, and prime for exploration. The SAVE Travel Alliance wants to help you discover opportunities and destinations that best meet your travel needs. Our destinations encompass more than leisure travel vacations. They focus on trips where travelers gain a sense of responsibility to the environment and community they visit through life-changing experiences. Whether you are seeking a fulfilling volunteer project, looking to offer medical services to communities in need, or searching for the perfect study abroad experience, our exciting destinations offer exactly what you need!

Located on the sparkling coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the State of Campeche is an oasis, perfect for travelers with a desire to experience a destination off the beaten tourist path.

Jamaica is a Caribbean dream, alive with alluring cultural flavor. Its pristine beaches, abundant banana groves, and picture-perfect mountains leave little to be desired for visitors and locals alike.

Nicaragua, situated in Central America between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, is home to colonial architecture, looming volcanoes, gorgeous lakes, and welcoming beaches.

Presenting Bhutan, a kingdom on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. Bhutan harmoniously participates in sustainable tourism and development while preserving its revered Buddhist traditions.

Located in southeast Asia, Myanmar is a nation of friendly people, awe-inspiring pagodas, and rich natural gems. Over 100 ethnic groups call this country home.

Namibia is home to some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes and wildlife. Immerse yourself in the local cultures and learn more about the unique Namibian people.

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