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Located on the sparkling coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the State of Campeche is an oasis, perfect for travelers with a desire to experience a destination off the beaten tourist path. Campeche boasts pristine beaches, awe-inspiring Mayan archaeology, and savory cuisine.

During your travels you will undoubtedly connect with warm and hospitable Campechanos that are happy to show off this gem of a destination. Campeche is home to amazing SAVE experiences in its communities, including beekeeping lessons, hammock-making and cooking classes, wildlife sanctuary tours, and many more!

Read about Calakmul’s hospitable and the activities they offer tourists, including hammock-making lessons and visits to wildlife sanctuaries.

Check out Calkiní’s informative sombrero weaving tour, as well as the unforgettable Wotoch Aayin crocodile sanctuary!

Learn about the bee-keeping women of Hopelchén, tour a Mayan archaeological site, and savor Pan de Pomuch.

As the capital of the State of Campeche, San Francisco de Campeche offers experiences steeped in Mayan and colonial traditions.

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