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A breathtaking adventure awaits you in the tropical jungles of Calakmul, home to over 6,000 Mayan structures nestled in a forested Biosphere. From atop a 148-foot pyramid in Calakmul, one can see nothing but green forest stretching out to the horizon in each direction, dotted only by other emerging pyramid tops. Almost 1,000 different species of wildlife- including 385 bird and 400 butterfly species- call Calakmul home, as well as 1,500 varieties of plants. Jaguars are known to roam freely, and many locals have tales of spotting them. Speaking of locals, the communities surrounding the biosphere are what make this destination truly special. Calakmul residents are not just Campechanos- they come from Vera Cruz, Chiapas, the Yucatán and many other places-, now co-residing in a tapestry of gorgeous culture, flavors, and artisanry. New opportunities in the communities for volunteers, visitors and researchers are constantly materializing. Come explore wondrous Calakmul!

This creative community is a crafter’s paradise! Take classes in embroidery, woodworking, and beekeeping.

Becán is named after the nearby archaeological zone and offers hammock-making lessons to visitors.

Take in this community’s gorgeous nature paths on the way exploring the ancient Mayan world!

This quaint community is close to Mayan ruins and hosts experiences such as cooking and art classes.

Cristóbal Colón is home to stunning jaguars, natural caves, and the daring Voladores de Papantla! See them flying high.

A research and volunteer paradise with opportunities in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, nutrition and wildlife.

Valentin is located on the edge of a peaceful lagoon, home to an orchid sanctuary and families of bee-keepers.

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