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Hopelchen & Hecelchakan

Hopelchén is a small city in northeast Campeche with around 8,000 inhabitants. A must-see focal point within the city is the Church of San Antonio, but the Mayan archaeological and cultural sites just outside the city are truly beautiful sights to soak in.  A definite stop during your visit to Hopelchén is Koolel Kab, a women-run business that uses ancient practices and indigenous bees to produce luscious honey medicinal products. El Tabasqueño Archaeological Site is an awe-inspiring Mayan monument that is sure to be at the top of your list of places to explore. A delicious cultural experience to indulge in during your visit to nearby Hecelchakán is savoring this area’s famous Pan de Pomuch, a tasty bread that can be enjoyed as a sweet or savory delicacy. A trip to Blanca Flor jewelry shop to browse the handmade adornments is another must!

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Pan de Pomuch

Have you always wanted to learn how to bake your own delicious bread? Come to Panadería La Huachita and see how Campeche’s famous Pan de Pomuch has been made for generations!

English Teaching Volunteer

If you are seeking a meaningful way to spend your time abroad, Campeche is the perfect destination for your volunteer experience. You can make a positive impact by teaching English at local schools where native instruction is greatly needed.

Beekeeping Tour & Lesson

Explore the ancient beekeeping practices of the women of Koolel Kab who work to conserve stingless bees and sell pure honey.

9-Day Birding Tour

Experience Campeche’s unique culture, traditional villages, and numerous species of stunning birds with this 9-day tour.

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