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San Francisco

San Francisco de Campeche is a vibrant and colorful colonial city that serves as the capital of the State of Campeche. Founded in 1540 by Spanish conquistadors, it replaced the Maya city of Can Pech. Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, San Francisco de Campeche is home to over 220,000 people and is a fusion of colonial style architecture and Maya ruins. San Francisco de Campeche experiences a warm, balmy climate year round and is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. In this charming city you will discover delicious cuisine, colorful houses and cobblestone streets, tree-lined plazas, proud Campechanos welcoming you to explore their home and learn about their culture.

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School of Tourism

Are you a student interested pursing tourism as a career? The School of Tourism at the Campeche Institute may be a perfect fit!

Jewelry in Uayamon

Do you have an eye for exquisite jewelry? Blanca Flor Jewelry Shop, a short drive outside of San Francisco de Campeche, offers beautiful homemade jewelry made by three crafty sisters.

English Teaching Volunteer

If you are seeking a meaningful way to spend your time abroad, Campeche is the perfect destination for your volunteer experience. You can make a positive impact by teaching English at local schools where native instruction is greatly needed.

Edzna Tour Operator

Edzná Tour Operator is a favorite among Campeche travelers because of its years of experience and high quality trips.

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