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9-Day Birding Tour

Experience Campeche’s unique culture, traditional villages, and numerous species of stunning birds with this 9-day tour.

Research in Castellot II

Researchers, students and nature-loving visitors are welcome in Castellot II, one of Calakmul’s most prominent research hubs.

Voladores de Papantla

Five costumed men flying 75 feet in the air around an unbelievably narrow pole? Come to Cristobal Colón — you’ll have to see it to believe it!

Edzna Tour Operator

Edzná Tour Operator is a favorite among Campeche travelers because of its years of experience and high quality trips.

El Tucan Tour Operator

El Tucán Tour Operator has been providing excellent tours in Campeche for almost ten years. Read on to see what makes it stand out!

Jewelry in Uayamon

Do you have an eye for exquisite jewelry? Blanca Flor Jewelry Shop, a short drive outside of San Francisco de Campeche, offers beautiful homemade jewelry made by three crafty sisters.

Festival de Aviturismo

Bird lovers unite! Every fall the annual Festival de Aviturismo celebrates bird-watching, conservation, and education.

7-Day Culture Tour

Delicious cuisine, archaeological adventures, preserved Maya traditions: this tour is a truly unforgettable experience.

Pan de Pomuch

Have you always wanted to learn how to bake your own delicious bread? Come to Panadería La Huachita and see how Campeche’s famous Pan de Pomuch has been made for generations!


Do you have a knack for crafts and artistic creations? Come to Becán, where a women’s coalition will teach you the ins and outs of hammock-making.

Cocodrilario Wotoch Aayin

Wotoch Aayin Crocodile House is a must-see for any traveler ready to gain firsthand experience and education about crocodiles.

Sombreros de Jipi

Maria Rosia’s flourishing business is gaining recognition: she’s been invited to participate in various artisanal fairs around the country! Read on to find out why.

Chocolateria De la Mora

What’s a memorable trip without some rich, homemade chocolate to enjoy? Chocolateria De la Mora in San Francisco de Campeche is a must-see!

Research in Valentin

Valentin Natural is a nature reserve home to 140 species of orchids. Valentín is also the #1 honey-producer in Campeche!

Beekeeping Tour & Lesson

Explore the ancient beekeeping practices of the women of Koolel Kab who work to conserve stingless bees and sell pure honey.

Craft Workshop

Get in touch with your creative side at this amazing craft workshop in the 20 de Noviembre community! Options include wood-working and embroidery — you can’t go wrong!

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